The VAT we charge is based upon the location of your charging session and in most cases, the VAT charged is the standard rate for the country where you charge. In the rare event that your charging location is unknown, we calculate VAT based upon the billing address provided in your account. If both the location for the charging station and the billing address are missing, Plugsurfing applies the standard German VAT. If you have a VAT number in your Plugsurfing account and you are based in the EU but outside Germany, we will not add VAT charges, as you are responsible for accounting for VAT under the Reverse Charge regulations.

Germany 19%

United Kingdom 20%

Netherlands 21%

Austria 20%

Denmark 25%

Sweden 25%

Switzerland 7,7%

France 20%

Ireland 23%

Spain 21%

Italy 22%

Luxembourg 17%

Norway 25%

Portugal 23%

Belgium 21%

Finland 24%

Bulgaria 20%

Poland 23%

Czech Republic 21%

Slovakia 20%

Slovenia 22%

Greece 24%

Hungary 27%

Estonia 20%

Albania 20%

Croatia 25%

Cyprus 19%

Moldova 20%

Montenegro 21%

Romania 19%

Last updated on 07.10.2019