When your charging key is activated, it should work for all charging stations that allow RFID-access. You can check this in our app and the map. If a charging station does not accept your key, it is most probably for one of the following reasons:

1. The charging station is offline

If the charging station is offline, the RFID key can not be approved by the charging station. Usually charging stations are connected to the internet via a mobile data link (like your smartphone). In some areas such a data link can from time to time not be guaranteed due to a insufficient network coverage. In this case it helps to wait a moment up to a couple of minutes and try again.

Please note:

Error messages such as "Authorisation failed" or "Authorisation not possible" does not mean your charging key is not working. Unfortunately a lot of charging stations show this message when they are offline.

2. The charging station is not part of the Plugsurfing network

For this charging stations we do not have a contract with the operator yet - therefore the charging station can not be accessed via Plugsurfing. You can check all of our charging stations in the app or the map. All of them are accessible via Plugsurfing.