Plugsurfing has no monthly fee! You will only pay  when charge with Plugsurfing. 

The prices are different for each operator. You will find all prices for every charging station in our map and in the app.

Depending on the owner of the charging station, the prices can be based upon:

Starting fee (one-time):

The operator charges an amount for starting a charging session.

Starting fees can be combined with other price models.

Charging per kWh:

The operator bases pricing upon the kWh consumption.

Minute-based charging:

This operator creates the bill based on the time your car is connected to the charging station. This includes parking after charging has finished. At charging station that use this model, you will see the following note in our app or the map: Costs apply as long as your car is connected to the charging station even when the charging process has already stopped.

Charging per kWh and time based:

This operator bills its charging sessions based on the kWh consumption in combination with the parking time at the charging station. 

Special price information for be emobil (Berlin) see here.


Our tips before charging:

- We recommend checking the prices on our app or our website before each charging process.

- Charging at fast chargers is much more expensive than charging at normal charging stations. Before connecting to a fast-charger, please check if the speed advantage is worthwhile compared to the higher cost of your electric car.